In June 2013 I started working for jlwarranty, a company that processes GM warranty claims for dealerships across the country. They were looking for someone to take over the production of their training videos: something I'd never done before. I learned on the job and instantly fell in love with it. Maybe I'm gushing here, but I've since realized that motion graphics is my true calling. I also appreciate the parallel of creating videos that teach people about something while I'm simutaneously learning about video editing.

A collection of video bumpers I created to open and/or close each training video.

A quick example of some of the training videos I created.

Promotional video that details the three main services offered by jlwarranty.

Promotional video that details jlwarranty's traveling training proram.

Promotional video that details one of jlwarranty's smaller services, Claims Clean-Up.

Promotional video that details one of jlwarranty's smaller services, Repair Order Reviews.

jlw Brochure 1
jlw Brochure 2
jlw Brochure 3
jlw Brochure 4

Promotional brochure for jlwarranty's three main services. Die-cut in the shape of our logo

Animated, interactive web banner that advertises jlwarranty's video portion of the Warranty Administration Program. Made with Adobe Animate, utilizes ONLY html5 and javascript.