Mi Bride Guide

In 2013, West Auburn Media helped launch the Bride Discount Card, a dynamic site for brides and vendors to find each other more easily. As the business naturally evolved, the owners started attending more wedding expos, and received feedback on their company's name from both vendors and brides alike. Vendors didn't like the "discount" aspect of the name, they found it almost cheapened their brand and/or pressured them into offering discounts. Brides, on the other hand, didn't find it memorable enough to follow up. They knew it was time for a bit of a revamp, and revisited us in April 2016 for solutions.

We met several times, jotted down selling points of their service, researched the industry, and tinkered with several ideas for names and visual identities. Being that they wanted to focus on the Michigan market and push the narrative that their vendors were local to the area, we decided to play the homonym card and bring "Mi" into the equation. Furthermore, the service caters to both brides and vendors, so the idea of a "bride guide" works both ways. For the brides (and grooms): here's an exhaustive guide of local vendors and services! For the vendors: here's a list of brides in the area that are looking for services that you offer. The owners loved the idea and nabbed up the url immediately.

As for the design itself, the client wanted to retain as much as they could from their old DBA to keep things as cohesive as possible; namely the color scheme and fonts, if not the entirely same logo. I managed to create something that they liked even more, paired well with their preferred fonts and colors, and visually rhymed. I also left it open for them to append the logo with the various services they arrange for the brides.

Final Logo

Final Logo

dress logo
logo dj/band

Logo with Dress Services icon appended

Logo with DJ/band services icon appended

photo logo
logo location

Logo with photography services icon appended

Logo with location icon appended

photo logo
logo single

Bride Discount Card logo, for reference.

Logo with no appendages. ('tis but a flesh wound!)